1 year ago on 14 January 2013 @ 9:48pm + 3 notes
they've never come to illinois illinois waited 5 years to see spg i think u can wait

Dude, they’re going to Anime Midwest in July. Aka in Chicago.

I won’t be able to go anyways like I said. Its a 6 hour trip by train, probably 10 hours by car. And even then I need money to actually find a hotel to sleep in and shit.

The main beef is that they’ve come to Michigan TWICE in 2012, for the giant Steampunk convention there (now closed forever) and then Youmacon. That’s the way the cards turned though, since teslacon moved its weekend during the week of Youma 2013 and they booked them first.

  1. pepshrek said: coughs i know theyre coming to illinois cough
  2. analogwatch said: It’s like 5 hours by car, actually. The drive from me to my mother (in central IL) is 6 hours.
  3. horrorchampharvey said: yeah chill bro. I live in Canada. I’ll have to wait even longer but i’m not competing for pity. Just relax and spread the love :)
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