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im so fancy

u already kno

im in the fast lane

from la to tokyo


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bunjywunjy found Michael’s son

I also found hugs

Michael’s son is a purple dragon?  I get the purple, but Michael’s not a dragon….


No Michael is a dragon can’t you see are you fookin’ blind mate?

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Alone time

I had dropped off weirdwiring and bigtitsandwittybanter at the corner of Fourth and Main st, downtown Royal Oak. I was driving to a fancy food market lookin’ for Yerba Mate which Michael said he liked to drink. Alas it was not there. Dropping them off so they could be at the Goldfish Tea I went zoom to park at the organic, other tea place.

On the way Michael was at the street corner texting. So, I holla’d at him. HAH.

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The Michael Philip Reed Meetup with the Steam Powered Michiganders

I am departing for a week long vacation, and so I will be brief. But the briefness should not be a good indicator on how wonderful it was to host Mr. Reed with us for two full days. 

Perhaps we helped each other ‘close the book’ on his adventures with SPG. But, I wouldn’t think it was a big ol’ goodbye party…instead, think of this as the continuing novels in a book series. 

His next step now, complete with 45 people showed up on Saturday, is the continuation of his solo work, his adventures with Jon and who knows what next? 

He’s a really great guy okay, I would know, a lot of us would know. He even bought little Aurora a BICYCLE as a present. WHAT.

Oh, he also bought me a drink. ;) no just kidding it was some tea it wasn’t like that. 

We spent Saturday in the bustling downtown of Ann Arbor during the infamous, gigantic blocks of art fair. However the slight weather enable it to not be that busy so people, using my parking-structure map I made for us, were able to appropriately park close by. Listening to some casual rules we as a group were able to be polite, stick together, not get lost and have a real good time. Similar with the smaller crowd that had lunch and exploring on Sunday, in downtown Royal Oak. :)

We are so proud of all you little Reedlets. We are so proud that all of you proved the fears wrong that ya’ll a bunch of groping, glomping, obsessive and obnoxious crazy fangirls. None of you asked gossipy inappropriate questions to him. None of you repeatedly violated comfort zones or bullying…..not just for Michael but also with each others, your fellow fan.

Please take and learn something important about community, self-empowerment, love and the importance of stopping to smell the flowers from all this ‘fan meetup’ schtick we do. You can learn and mean more than simply gathering around a band as a fandom. You can learn so much. Its really good that people got this chance to finally see Michael again and Michael…to see you. He wanted to come here. 

It has been a wonderful exhausting weekend of walking and fun and I’m glad this succeeded. Thank you all so much. Thank you, Michael Reed. Thank you for being a good sport, despite that you too need alone time from people….you survived with so many of us like you in that respect.

Thanks guys, now I’m off to vacation!

bigtitsandwittybanter I have asked to continue posting the photos I took since I don’t have time to queue everything.

Happy birthday um…..cupcake? I feel horrible I forgot their url oh my god

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my favorite fan fiction is called inglourious basterds

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Bunny at SD Pride


I’ve been going through the RAWs of my photos from San Diego Pride 2014, and I’m starting to see this performance as a “Coming Out Party” for both Bunny and the character Rabbit. She was in such rare form that night, and she was exceptionally happy, and it shows in the photos. I can’t wait to start sharing them with you!

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I propose marriage to bunjywunjy's  Fred the Tire. 

For you, shillelaghthegreat

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# nsfw


BDSM bots 1/?¿?

sorry for the shitty quality 

rabbit: come i get a little inspired i get a little he he he, oh let’s have a little fun, let’s give a little  he he he

holy mother of cannoli 

holllly cowabunga

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hhhhnnnnghod these two are gonna be the death of me-

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Sunglasses belong to coolpeterparker